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Hi my name is Tammy i’m working as a freelance marketer for over 5 years and during those times i experience some ups and downs in seo, it is painful to do the Seo part of the business yourself specially when you are more focus on other parts of a project and that is what this blog is for.

Bloggingblog.org aims to help other freelancer, hobbyists and bloggers to simplify the process and organize the information related to seo and other components of building, maintaining and organizing a website until you get the desired performance.

Guest Blogging opportunity

If you are interested in a collaboration or you wanted to send a guest post on this website just send an email to Ferry[at]zewebcom.ch with the words “write for us Blogging blog” and i will contact you immediately in the email address you provided. here are the guidelines before you submit an article

  • Minimum words per articles is 800
  • article/s should be 80% unique, we will not accept copied content
  • article should only related to blogging, social media trends, writing and Seo

if you have any questions just place your comment below.